While there are many great reasons to buy a home, wealth building ranks among the top of the list. When done right, we believe it becomes an “intentional investment” that can line up your financial security for years.

Here are some common myths and fears as to why people put off buying a home:

  • Myth: I do not have enough money for a down payment
  • Reality: There are so many first time home buyer loan programs out there now with low to zero down payments.
  • Myth: My credit score is not perfect.
  • Reality: It does not need to be perfect. In fact, a lender can tell you exactly where you are or need to be with a simple phone call.
  • Myth: It is the wrong time of the year to buy a home.
  • Reality: There is NEVER a wrong time to buy your dream home.
  • Myth: I just don’t have the time and the know how to look and go through that whole process.
  • Reality: That’s why you work with us to take the mystery and uncertainty out of the home buying process and we protect you in the process as well!